Friday Nick Poulakidas Elementary School became the third school in Washoe County School District in the last two months to have its final steel beam put into place.

Poulakidas, along with Desert Skies Middle School in Sun Valley, and Sky Ranch Middle School in Spanish Springs, will open in 2019. These three schools will be the first brand new schools to open with funding help from WC-1 passed in 2016.

Poulakidas will relieve overcrowding at Double Diamond and Brown Elementary, and will take Double Diamond off of a multi-track schedule.

"And it's going to fulfill the promise we made to our voters for the WC-1 campaign to build schools and reduce class sizes," Vice President of the WCSD Board of Trustees Malena Raymond says.

"It's pretty cool," future Poulakidas student Grady Womack says. "I can't wait until it's fully built."

Like the Desert Skies and Sky Ranch, future students of Poulakidas were invited to sign the last steel beam before they watched crews put the beam into place. While students get to use brand new facilities, zoning changes can split friends apart, but there will still be some familiar faces.

"My thought was that I would go to a different school than some of my friends," future Poulakidas student Brady Forrest says. "But when I found out a little more about it I found out some of my friends were going to go to the school so I was really excited."

Construction for Poulakidas began in March 2018, and there haven't been any problems besides some rough weather. Still, Project Manager for Q&D Construction Greg Gilmore says they're right on schedule to open for the 2019-2020 school year.

"We have a little bit of detailing still, steel-wise," Gilmore says. "But we're approximately halfway completed. [It's an] Eighty-five thousand square foot project, here."

Gilmore says the last steel beam, which completes the structure of the building, is certainly a significant step in construction. And Raymond says, it's just another chance to get kids excited about school years in the future.

"We're just so excited for them to be a part of the ceremony," Raymond says. "They get to sign the beam, and that's something they'll always remember they'll always be that first opening class at a new elementary school."

While some friend groups will be split up due to zoning changes, Poulakidas, Brown, and Double Diamond all funnel into Depoali Middle School.