U.S. officials say President Donald Trump will nominate Army chief Gen. Mark Milley as his next top military adviser.

Milley would succeed Marine Gen. Joseph Dunford to be chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The officials confirmed the decision Friday on condition of anonymity because it had not been announced.

President Donald Trump says he'll make an announcement on Saturday concerning the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Trump, who often likes to build drama and suspense by teasing his decisions, tells reporters at the White House Friday that he's going to be making an announcement at Saturday's Army-Navy game in Philadelphia.

He says: "I can give you a little hint: It will have to do with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and succession."

Gen. Joseph Dunford, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, will be done his second term in 2018.

Dunford was nominated to the post in 2015 by former President Barack Obama. Trump nominated him for a second two-year term last year.

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