The Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority (RSCVA) voted Thursday to demolish two aging facilities at the Reno-Sparks Livestock Events Center, Exhibit Hall and armory building.

The armory building was completed in 1953, and Exhibit Hall was finished in 1968.

CEO of RSCVA Phil DeLone says the armory building hasn't been used in years for anything but extra parking for Washoe County.

"Washoe County and the RSCVA have formed an agreement that it's time to collectively dismantle the armory as it's a health and safety hazard," DeLone says.

Exhibit Hall is in better shape, but it's accumulated its share of damage over time.

"Over the years with its metal roof and metal construction," DeLone says. "The building in essence has rusted out."

The original plan was to repair Exhibit Hall, but after the cost turned out to be much higher than expected, the RSCVA board of directors voted unanimously to demolish it along with the armory building.

"The RSCVA looked to repair [the Exhibit Hall] roof with an initial budget of 325 thousand dollars," DeLone says. "Bids came in at over 700 thousand dollars. We also know from a state of Nevada study that there are additional repairs recommended, so it's not necessary to put what could turn out to be a million dollars or more into that building."

The repairs to Exhibit Hall recommended by the state study would've cost an additional 500 thousand dollars.

The property is owned by the state of Nevada, but through a lease agreement with Washoe County, the RSCVA is responsibility for maintenance and operations of the Reno Livestock Events Center. DeLone says once the buildings are torn down, they will turn the space into parking, and they won't know until they tear them down whether the lots will be paved or left as gravel.

DeLone says the next step is sending out a bid for the new project, the demolition. It's expected to cost about 500 thousand dollars, and be finished in time for the main event.

"We think by early summer, certainly well in time for the Reno Rodeo in June," DeLone says. "These buildings will have been demolished and all the debris removed from the site."

Even though board members voted to demolish the exhibit hall, they voted to try to save the hall’s bathrooms, if possible.