Ten Washoe County Schools observed a digital school day on Wednesday, the new alternative to a snow day.

Instead of having the entire day to play in the snow, now Washoe County Students are required to complete some assignments from home.  It's a way for students to get their work done now, so they don't have to make up school days at the end of the year.

On Wednesday, when 5th grade student Natalie Gregory had to complete six different classroom assignments from the comfort of her kitchen, it was no problem for her.

“It was awesome because I got to wake up late and get on the computer and start working,” says Natalie.

Altogether, her digital day classwork took her about an hour to do and it was all done online.

Natalie’s mom Jessica, who works at Cold Springs Middle School, says students who don't have access to internet, are able to complete the assigned work in other ways.

“We do have packets that get sent home with them, just in case so they are able to complete it,” says Jessica.

Natalie says digital days mean a little less fun outside, as opposed to a more traditional snow day. However, she says she'd much rather complete school work at home, as opposed to the alternative of having more class at the end of the year.

And North Valleys High School Teacher Royce Feuer agrees.

“This is the beginning of the school year, this is the end of the school year and there is no variance there's no extra days that are going to be tacked on,” says Feuer. “We're going to work within this time period, so for me, that's an ease of mind for scheduling for the future."

Wearing nothing but a t-shirt and sweatpants on Wednesday, Feuer worked from the comfort of his living room and stayed plenty busy.

“I've already communicated with students through email on what assignments they need to do,” says Feuer.

Feuer says digital days are also relaxing, safer than driving in the snow and also allow him to start prepping for finals. He says as long as students are aware of the assignments they need to complete from home, this program should make wintry weather easier for students and teachers.