Washoe County has a new prosecutor dedicated to ensuring justice for victims of sexual assault. The grant funded position will help resolve cold cases as well as active ones.

Filling that post is Deputy District Attorney Darcy Cameron, who shows us a sample sex assault kit; "These are the evidence kits that we use in the collection of the very DNA that this program is aimed at testing."

The program is the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative, known by its acronym SAKI.  The nationwide effort is aimed at solving more crimes... by focusing on the backlog of sex assault kits.

"This funding really helps my time, to be able to focus on these cases,” explains Cameron

Deputy District Attorney Cameron has been with the DA's office for eight years and is the now the SAKI prosecutor for Washoe County; "Which is funded through a federal grant. It's going to allow us to really focus on cold case sexual assaults,” shares Washoe County District Attorney Chris Hicks.

"This crime, by its very nature is very personal,” Cameron says “And in some instances embarrassing and very difficult to talk about, which makes it different when you're trying to work with these victims."

The youngest of whom are seen at the Washoe County Child Advocacy Center, where evidence of sexual assault is collected on children - and adults.

That DNA is what attorney Cameron will use to prosecute; "With this funding, we're actually finding the cases that have the offenders DNA - and that just changes the entire landscape and provability of the case when you know who somebody is.”

"And we'll get that chance to give resolutions to victims,” explains DA Hicks “Whether it's one, two, three - ten, twenty, it's all good to me if we can solve some more cases and get some rapists off the streets."

The federal funding for the new SAKI position is administered through the Nevada Attorney General’s office.

If you, or someone you know, is a victim of sexual assault, please note that each of the three major law enforcement agencies in Washoe County has staff victim advocates that assist victims during the initial investigation. The County also has in-house victim advocates that take over once the case is submitted for prosecution. 

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