A national non-profit that encourages families to save money is offering a free way to save and earn extra money for Nevadans.

"As soon as you start saving we can see that you're saving and then we'll start giving you rewards for your savings behavior,” says Grace Boorstein of SaverLife.

Specifically if you save at least $20 a month, SaverLife Nevada will match half of that for six months so savers can earn up to an extra $60.

Participants are also entered into scratch off contests to with other cash prices.

Funding for the program comes from individual donors and corporate philanthropy. For example the Nevada Banker's Association helps contribute in Nevada.

Those who have used the program say it’s easy to sign up.

"I've already saved about $130 in my account and it's been about three-four months I believe so pretty easy and just a great way to save,” says participant Olga Chavez.

Right now they have funding for a thousand accounts to get the $60 match so they are encouraging people who are interested to sign up soon.

They support over 9,000 banks and credit unions in the U.S.