UPDATE: The Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) says they are starting a 'citizens science' project, inspired by the outpouring of moose sightings they've been receiving since one woman's video spread through Facebook.

They said a moose spotted in Wells, Nevada started a trend of other people sharing moose sightings around the state as well.

NDOW says this is valuable information for their biologists, since moose populations are hard to track and they have very little data about them in Nevada.

They are asking anyone who has spotted a moose in the state to tag NDOW in their photos or videos on Facebook. If you send them a Facebook message with the photos or videos, they are asking for the location with GPS coordinates if possible and dates of the sighting.

For those who don't have Facebook, NDOW says people can email them at ndowinfo@ndow.org.

Each week, NDOW will be meeting with their biologists to share the information they have received and will help them better understand and track moose populations in Nevada.

(The Nevada Department of Wildlife contributed to this report).

Original Story: The Nevada Department of Wildlife says a woman videotaped a moose walking near Wells, Nevada on Monday.

The video was made by Katherine Schripsema and her husband. 

It shows a moose, just wandering amongst some sagebrush, enjoying its day. 

Earlier this summer, NDOW released photos of a young bull moose taken in Spring Creek, just outside of Elko.

Over the past five to six years, NDOW says moose have been wandering into northern Elko and Humboldt Counties from southern Idaho and northwestern Utah. NDOW estimates that Nevada may have a moose population of between 40 and 45 animals in these two counties. 

While they are great to watch, do so from a distance as they are quite large and can be very defensive, especially if it is a cow with a calf.

(NDOW contributed to this report.)