Tuesday Ron Smith was sworn in as the 25th mayor of Sparks in the Sparks Legislative Building.

Smith was elected to the city council in November 2006 and was re-elected to four-year terms in 2008, 2012 and 2016. He has also served as Sparks mayor pro tempore since 2012.

"I feel great," Smith says. "I feel excited, I feel humbled that they put me in this position."

With Smith now acting mayor, that means former mayor Geno Martini is now retired after serving the city of Sparks for almost 20 years, about six as a city councilman, and about thirteen as the mayor of Sparks.

"It's a bittersweet day for me," Martini says. "I've been here 19 years, time for me to retire, time to go. But again I'd still like to stick around because Sparks has been so exciting."

Of all the people who could've replaced him, Martini says Smith is the best for the job.

"He's seasoned," Martini says. "He's been on the council for 12 years, he knows what he's doing. He'll do a great job."

Smith says he planned to run for Sparks mayor for a long time, and Martini retiring gave him the opportunity. Smith says he picked up plenty while sitting next to Martini for more than a decade in city council meetings.

"I've learned so much from him," Smith says. "He's always had that chain to jerk me back when I get out of line and I appreciate that. He's been my mentor."

Martini says Smith doesn't really need advice, but there are a couple things he thinks Smith should keep in mind.

"Do things that feel right in your gut," Martini says. "Don't just do it because other people want you to make sure it feels good in your gut when you do something and pay attention to what your staff tells you."

Smith says he has some big shoes to fill replacing Martini as mayor, but says he'll do his best to keep the wheel turning.

"The city of Sparks runs pretty well," Smith says. "We have a great council. They continue to move forward in everything. We don't kick anything down the road, so working with this council is going to be easy."

Council members Charlene Bybee and Ed Lawson were sworn for their second and third terms, respectively, and Sparks Municipal Judge James Spoo was sworn in for his third term.

Mayor Smith plans to fill his vacant Ward 3 council seat within 30 days of taking office. He will accept applications through November 16.  

Smith says he will be naming a street after former mayor Martini.

(City of Sparks contributed to this report.)