Crashes involving pedestrians are on the rise, but the Reno Police Department (RPD) is hoping that increased enforcement may help reduce those rates.

You may start to see an increased presence of Reno Police around busy intersections. This is due to a 40 thousand dollar grant from the Nevada Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic safety. They are trying to curb the increasing number crashes involving pedestrians.

2017 saw 100 pedestrian and cyclist fatalities in the silver state alone.

“Every year we unfortunately have some traffic deaths we attribute to unsafe behaviors by both motorists and pedestrians on our streets," said Sargent Joe Lever with the Reno Police Department.

Today, just 7 days after receiving the grant, RPD took 17 officers to areas with high pedestrian numbers, focusing on enforcing laws to keep the roads and crosswalks safe.

Yielding to pedestrians isn't the only way to avoid a ticket -- they are also looking out for speeding, distracted driving, and not fully stopping at lights or stop signs.

But drivers aren't the only ones getting visits from RPD. Pedestrians not using crosswalks are also receiving warnings or citations.

"It's an education piece, we give a lot of warnings too, and we talk to people when we pull them over or when we stop them for j-walking and we explain why we are out here and why we are doing what we are doing to ultimately make everyone safer," said Lever.

This year’s grant funding started on October 1st, and will fund programs until September 30th of next year.