A new Washoe County Sheriff will be sworn in soon.

Tuesday night, Darin Balaam defeated Heidi Howe by about 14,000 votes to win the position.

Balaam has 21 years of experience with the Sheriff's Office, but he'll have some new challenges to face as the new sheriff.

Balaam won't officially be sworn in until next year, but current sheriff Chuck Allen says he'll start taking Balaam through what he needs to know next week.

"It's all about getting him up to speed on where we are with the budget and what's important," Allen said. "He said he was concerned about it as I was and continue to be. Personnel matters, and just the status of where the Sheriff's Office is."

Balaam celebrated his campaign at Pinocchio's Bat and Grill Tuesday night.  He declined an interview on Wednesday to spend time with his family.

His father, Dennis Balaam, was elected Washoe County Sheriff in 2000 and says he entered the race once Allen decided not to run again.

Allen tells 2 News it's important to know your people and from everything he's heard, people within the Sheriff's Office have his respect.

While relationships are valuable inside the Sheriff's Office, Allen says talking to other sheriffs is also valuable.

"Find a Sheriff that you can learn something from, you know find a mentor," Allen said. "I did early on and you can reach out to that Sheriff just to help advise when you need to."

Balaam will be down in Las Vegas for a quarterly budget meeting next Wednesday. He will officially be sworn in on January 7.

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