The manufacturing sector continues to grow in the Silver State, and it's not showing signs of stopping. Right here in Reno-Sparks, is where the industry is booming the most.

In fact, almost 40 percent of Nevada's manufacturing jobs are in northern Nevada. 

Thursday, several Washoe County School District students considering this industry as a career path, were able to tour a local facility--Gyford Standoff Systems.

Michael Eddins, Internal Operations and Sales Manager for Gyford explains, "We don't make the thing, we make the thing that holds the thing--so, we don't make signs, we make hardware to hold the signs."

Gyford has been in Reno for three decades. Eddins says, we're witnessing a manufacturing renaissance of sorts, all across America, "For a while there, we had a surge of manufacturing going overseas, but as their costs go up and quality goes down, people are starting to see the value of staying, made in the USA."

In July of 2018, there were more than 20,000 manufacturing jobs in Reno-Sparks, and counting. The hurdle now is filling those jobs. That's because Eddins says trade careers haven't been as supported as traditional college paths, "[We promoted] 'go get that college degree, go get that degree in something else,' and it left us with a hole."

With an estimated 10,000 manufacturing jobs to come to northern Nevada over the next decade, according to experts, the Washoe County School District aims to fill that gap by taking interested students on tours. 

Ahliyah Quarles, Senior is one of those students. She says, "This was my first time in an actual manufacturing environment, so it was really cool to go out and see how everything is actually done and what the workplace looks like."

In fact, just two years ago, Michael Rodriguez was one of those students, too. However, for the last year and a half, he's been a Gyford employee. Rodriguez says, "I was one of the more top students, so they actually came to me during the tour and made an offer."

Promoting a renewed interest in the industry, they hope to fill positions ranging from machine operators, programmers, and even marketing, which Eddins says will help strengthen the economy, in turn, "As manufacturing jobs come in, so do support functions, everything that comes along with it."

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