As the head of northern Nevada’s largest educational and networking organization, NCET, Dave Archer is helping local companies navigate our current business boom.

We caught up with him at a recent NCET EXPO, where hundreds of entrepreneurs fill a busy conference room; greeting each other with handshakes and smiles. Archer knows most of them on a first name basis.

This is what Dave Archer does best. And we don't just mean shaking hands and talking with business owners - although that is a vital part of networking. 

As president of Nevada's Center For Entrepreneurship and Technology (NCET), Archer helps northern Nevadans stay up to date with things like the latest digital advancements; "All of those things are happening at a lightening pace, and people just can't keep track, so we put on 38 event per year to help people understand what's happening in business and technology.”

NCET member Becky Murway credits Archer for helping her business survive the economic downturn of 2008. Instead of closing up shop, the video and photography company downsized; "…and started going out and networking more, and actually that's a great connection with NCET because we knew we needed to get out in the community and make those important connections,” Murway explains.

Archer says his years of experience with international commerce (Viacom and Time Warner) give him a fresh perspective for assisting smaller businesses; "Because a lot of the things that happen in multi-nationals, kinda can be scaled down to benefit small companies and start-ups and things like that."

Business Coach Peter Williamson is a board member of NCET. He's worked with Archer for five years, along with a large team of professionals and experts in a wide variety of disciplines; "Dave's done a really good job of breaking the work load up into manageable pieces, because it's an all-volunteer board, that’s really important.”

And Archer says there's nowhere else he'd rather be; "It's small enough that you know everyone and it's an easy town to operate in and know people in so, Reno is just the perfect place."

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