Hey there all you 2 News Hound fans, Peiper here with another awesome week!

My human took me camping for the first time! We went to South Lake Tahoe, and I loved it! All the sights and more importantly smells kept me running around all weekend long. I especially love the free chew toys that the trees just drop everywhere!

Free Toys for 2 News Hound

I do have to say though; my favorite part was definitely going to the lake. I am an awesome swimmer, and when you combine water and catch, I’m in heaven!


You all know by ow I love being the star of the show, but I got to thinking maybe I could be the camera operator too!  Nothing can keep me from stardom!   It took some clever convincing but I finally got the humans to strap me with cameras! Its Piper-vision!  

They totally didn’t slow me down, we played for so long! Take look and at my first video's below, I couldn't decide on heads or tails, so here they both are for your viewing pleasure.

We also hung out with some other doggos at the camp site, but none of them wanted to play with me! I’m really not that scary, am I?

OK, maybe I may look a little vicious when playing catch, but unless you’re a tennis ball, or maybe a sock monkey, you are safe!

I do have to admit I was a little naughty and escaped the tent a couple times after breaking the zipper (you can’t contain this pup!) but that’s just because I didn’t want to miss anything! After a long weekend of playing, even when I’m just chilling in the hammock, I’m always ready!

I hope you enjoyed my tail this week! I’ll see you all next week where we are going to talk about doggy daycare! Yay!