The 55th annual Stihl National Championship Air Races at Reno-Stead airport finished up Sunday with Gold races. These are basically the finals, all heat winners are crowned champion. 

Gold Races Winners:

Unlimited – Joel Swager, flying Dreadnought, completing the course in 09:01.302, at an average speed of 417.735 mph

Jet – Mike Steiger, flying American Spirit, completing the course in 05:47.925, at an average speed of 486.208 mph

Sport – Andrew Findlay, flying One Moment, completing the course in 07:00.058, at an average speed of 402.716 mph

T6 – John Lohmar, flying Radial Velocity, completing the course in 07:35.947, at an average speed of 228.612 mph

Formula One – Justin Meaders, flying Limitless, completing the course in 06:15.065, at an average speed of 239.521 mph

Biplane – Andrew Buehler, flying Phantom, completing the course in 05:03.88 mph, at an average speed of 221.721 mph 

The Reno Air Races are the fastest motorsport on the planet and attracts large crowds. The Reno Air Racing Association says an independent study estimates the air races generate up to 91.7 million dollars for the local economy.

For full race results click here.

(Reno Air Racing Association contributed to this report.)