Day two of the National Championship Air Races wrapped up on Thursday.  The competition is intense and in between heats, top aerobatics performers take to the skies.

Pilot Dell Coller flies a one-of-a-kind biplane called the "Screamin' Sasquatch."

"This is a pretty unique plane, it's a 1920's biplane but we've put a jet engine on the bottom so it makes it do things you couldn't in 1929," Coller said.  

You can see it in action through Sunday.

"We can take the jet off and put the jet on and oh man, it's a different game," Coller said.  "It's confusing to the fans at first because it looks like a biplane but it sounds like a jet and then when you see the biplane doing things biplanes don't do, it starts to make sense."
Coller also flies an extra 300l.

"That one is more nimble and sporty, with a full carbon fiber wing, fast roll rate and lots of nose-over-tail tumble maneuvers."

Coller flies all over the country and has made stops at the air races the past few years.

"This is a really unique event, the fastest motor sport in the world, and it's just excitement all day long," he said.  "It's a whole different view seeing the lay of the land from up high; we've got great weather all week and this is a great place to be."

Tomorrow is Military Appreciation day at the Air Races.  All current and former Active Duty, Reserve and National Guard will get a free ticket in the reserve section.  Friends and family will get reserve seats for general admission prices.