UPDATE: The Washoe County School District School Naming Committee voted to approve the list of 12 potential names for the new elementary school in Spanish Springs.

This "semi-finalist" list will be posted online so the public can vote on the options, then the committee will meet again to review the results.

"Then from there we'll select probably the top three," Frank Perez, Chair of the School Naming Committee, says. "And then from there we'll send that to the board of trustees to make a final decision."

The committee voted to add seven names to the semi-final list that the public will have a chance to vote on. Along with those seven names, there are five names that were previous 

Here is a list of the semi-finalists:

School Naming Committee list:

Marce Herz
Session (Buck) Wheeler
Elizabeth Morris
Evelyn Mount
Desert Valley
Kiley Ranch

Previous finalists automatically included:

Debbie Smith
John Bohach
Michal Landsberry
Ann Carlson
Sun Valley

The board of trustees will make the final decision on the name of the school, but committee members joked during the meeting, it's safe to assume the new Spanish Springs elementary school will not be named Sun Valley Elementary.

This school will be located right next to Sky Ranch Middle School, which is currently under construction and scheduled to open for Fall 2019. The elementary school will begin construction in Spring with the school set to open Fall 2020.

The Washoe County School District says the list will be posted online Thursday or Friday, and can be voted on for about two weeks.

Once the list is ready online, you will be able to find it here.

Original Story: The Washoe County School District says it is now accepting names for a new elementary school in Spanish Springs. 

The soon-to-be-built school will be located at Windmill Farms Parkway. 

It's scheduled to open to students in August 2020. 

To submit a name, click here

The WCSD posted a video on YouTube of what the new school could look like. The below video is animated rendering of the new Nick Poulakidas Elementary School currently under construction in south Reno.