Construction on the Virginia Street project connecting the university to midtown is set to begin on Tuesday. 

During construction, South Virginia Street will be open to southbound traffic only from Liberty Street to Plumb Lane. Northbound traffic from Plumb Lane past Wells Avenue will be closed. Northbound transit stops along this corridor will also be closed during construction.

The northbound Virginia Line RAPID and Route 1 between Plumb Lane and Liberty Street will detour to Wells Avenue to Vesta Street to Holcomb Avenue to Burns Street to Center Street. RTC’s Virginia Line RAPID and Route 1 will continue on their usual southbound routes and stops during construction. 

Virginia Line RAPID passengers who use the northbound stop at Virginia Street and Mt. Rose Street can use a temporary stop at Holcomb Avenue and Vesta Street. 

Route 1 passengers can use the following temporary detour stops north of Plumb Lane:

-       Wells Avenue at Casazza Drive (Route 19 stop)
-       Holcomb Avenue at Vesta Street (temporary stop shared with RAPID)
-       Holcomb Avenue at East Arroyo Street (temporary stop)
-       South Center Street at Burns Street (RAPID stop)
-       South Center Street at Moran Street (temporary stop)

The project is funded with fuel tax revenue, federal and private funds.

(RTC contributed to this report.)