Political organizations often work non-stop to try and reach voters, but as an election approaches, these groups tend to step up their efforts in order to raise awareness to increase voter turnout.

"This is about engaging new, infrequent, drop off and swing voters," Megan Lewis, Washoe County field director for Plan Action, says. Saturday people with Plan Action and Planned Parenthood tabled and knocked on doors.

Ray Rocha is the President of the Republican Men's Club of Northern Nevada, and his groups work non-stop and have been working on the ground for some time. Still, they plan to pick up their effort.

"Well people have been doing this for months," Rocha says. "But now you have to gear up because people have what I call 'political amnesia.'"

While it's important to keep people engaged, it's also important to reach less educated voters in order to get them to understand why voter matters.

"It's really critical to get people motivated to start really getting serious about issues and candidates and investigating them," Rocha says.

While informing voters of issues and candidates is important, Lewis says there's a lot of organizations can learn from interactions with voters, which they hope to utilize in their efforts.

"We want to talk to these people about the issues that are important to them," Lewis says. "So we can better advocate for them as an organization, as well as determine what's going to get them out to vote this year."

Rocha says things like television and social media play big roles in larger statewide or federal races, but no matter how big the race, groundwork still makes a difference.

"The local candidates for city and legislature, [they use the door to door approach more,]" Rocha says. "It works for the federal candidates, too, but very important for the local candidates."

Rocha says there are a lot of efforts to register voters which is obviously important, but it's meaningless without the vote.

"Yea, there's an emphasis to go out and register people," Rocha says "But if you don't get those people to go out and vote, and that's one thing to emphasize, it's a waste of time. The key is getting people to vote."