When the Raiders agreed to move to Las Vegas and play in the new stadium starting in 2020, they also agreed to consider holding their three-week training camp in northern Nevada.

At this point, two years away from Raiders football in Nevada, Nevada Assemblyman for District 39 Jim Wheeler says they've kept their promise.

Wheeler and other Nevada lawmakers visited the Raiders training camp in Napa a little over a week ago to see it firsthand, and meet with executives to discuss what they're looking for in their facility.

"They have a hotel where they rent rooms out for the players and for the staff," Wheeler says. "You walk right out the back door and you're in training camp."

Wheeler says he can't talk specifics about their two possible locations right now, but mentioned they want a population hub with amenities.

"I will say one of the locations is here in Reno on the South end and one of the locations in up in the Lake Tahoe area," Wheeler says.

It would obviously be convenient for northern Nevadans who want to see their team in person, but Wheeler notes a lot of people currently come to Napa from all over.

"They bring in about a thousand people per day to watch the practices and the workouts," Wheeler says. "Those are their season ticket holders that come up and they allow. And then four or five days a year they actually open it up to the public as well, and that brings in a couple thousand people."

The training facility in short walking of the hotel is crucial, but there are more things that need to be worked out than just location.

"The Raiders are not looking for any kind of municipal handout or anything like that," Wheeler says. "But they're going to have to have something that makes financial sense to come up."

They currently travel from their practice facility in Alameda to Napa, and owner Mark Davis has said he wants the training camp to be outside of Las Vegas. Wheeler says whether a deal is made or not, he expects to see the organization and its players in northern Nevada, similar to the Golden Knights.

"They really wanted to come to Nevada not just Las Vegas, so they would really like to have the north as well."