Students in Carson City have just one more week left until the first 'Back-to-School bell" rings.

On Friday, August 10th, Carson High School students will have a chance to practice getting up bright and early again for the Senator Kick-Off. 

Students and parents can get all of the back-to-school information they need at the event. They'll also learn all about a new electronics policy in the district. Perhaps the most notable is the new "no headphones allowed" rule.

Tasha Fuson, Carson High School Principal says it's a policy that's been in the works since last year. The purpose is to increase safety as well as student engagement, "[Kids are] staring at their cell phones, they are not aware of their surroundings, they're not aware of when adults try to talk to them or when their peers try to talk to them or anything going on around the vicinity."

Cell phones and wearable technology like Apple Watches are allowed but need to be turned off or in airplane mode, and not visible during class. 

At the Senator Kick-Off, kids can also pick up their Chromebooks, parking passes and class schedules. However, parents are required to update their contacts and other information on Infinite Campus before their child or student is allowed to do so. 

Fuson says, that is because of safety, as well, "The safety piece is the most important of all of that, as we need to be able to communicate with our families, we need to be able to contact them, they need to know what's going on at school."

The Senator Kick-Off starts for seniors at 8 A.M., juniors at 9 A.M. and sophomores at 10 A.M. Freshmen and new student orientation is August 14th from 8-11 A.M. at the main gym. 

Officials will offer help updating Infinite Campus profiles at the event, they will also have bilingual assistance for anyone who may need it. 

If you need any more information about the district, visit their website here