Business at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport is soaring.

In 2017 the airport hit record numbers of passengers, and Monday they gave a look at how that's affecting our economy as a whole.

The airport authority estimates that it has a $3.1 billion annual impact on Northern Nevada's economy. That is up a full billion dollars from six years ago.

The airport now employs 4,127 people between Reno and Stead, 1,500 more than in 2012. It contributes more than $51 million a year in tax income.

All of this is a very different story than what the community saw just a few years ago following the recession.

"As we all know, the economy was down then," Airport Spokesman Brian Kulpin said. "Our flight numbers were down and our passenger numbers were down, but there's nothing down about the study we are about to show you."

This is the first time the Airport Authority has done an economic impact study since 2012. The airport has undergone a lot of changes since then, and there are even more on the horizon. Those include: a new concourse, expanded parking options, and a consolidated location for rental cars.

They're also working on more international flights.

"We are working on our next big milestone for this airport," Airport Authority President & CEO Marily Mora said. "That's getting into Canada. We are very much working on service to Vancouver. Many years ago you could fly between Reno and Vancouver, and we have not had that service recently, so that's kind of our next big push."

Mora said airport passengers can also look forward to some new food and beverage options at the gates, including a Subway and a new wine bar.