You could say the smoke just does not want to leave, and a lot of people are anxious for it to get out of here as a result. The last couple of weeks are worth noting when you compare it to years past. 

"Over the last two week period we've exceeded the federal air quality standards all but two days for either fine particulates or ozone," said Daniel Inouye of the Washoe County Health District. 

While for the Reno area it's been more so the duration of the smoke than the amount of smoke itself, we have had a couple really bad days over the past two weeks. On July 29th we had an air quality reading of 146 for fine particles, like smoke. That is the tenth worst it's been since monitoring began in the late 90s. While the county is still in the process of compiling and organizing data they are not sure if this is the longest stretch of poor air quality we've seen so far. 

"During the Rim fire and King fire we did see some temporary relief here and there, but during this fire episode it's been pretty consistently in the unhealthy for sensitive groups range and occasionally unhealthy range," said Inouye. 

 It's not just the fine particles that were dealing with, the ozone level has not been this bad since 2008. 

"Occasionally we'll see some of the chemicals or some of the constituents of the smoke react in such a way that it increases ozone concentration as well," said Inouye. 

Both ozone and smoke can affect our health, which is why both of them are monitored on a regular basis. Each of the county's measuring stations, measures a variety of different things, including the ozone level, which has been around 79.5 lately, and is higher than normal. Something that is also important is the pm 2.5 level which is fine particles, or smoke. Something that we have seen plenty of the past couple of weeks. Click here to see the latest air quality conditions and forecast.