With triple digits in the forecast, many air conditioners are working overtime. NV Energy offers tips for customers to be more efficient with their usage.

Smart thermostats help you save money.

"Average savings for a customer about $100 a year. What it does is it learns how to run your house and you can access it from a mobile device, so if you forgot to turn off your thermostat you can adjust it." 

As with any thermostat, you may be tempted to dial it all the way down during the summer heat, but officials say there's a threshold that should be avoided. 

"You don't wanna cool below 78 degrees. Every degree below that can add a significant percentage to your bill,” says Chad Piekraz.

Turn off the a/c when heading out to work, and overnight if possible.

It’s also important to avoid creating heat inside your home. 

"Don’t cook a pie, do your laundry on the hottest part of the day that adds heat gain to the house."

During the daytime, keep blinds and curtains closed. 

"So you can stop that heat from getting in the house."

With all the smoke and haze in our air lately, it’s common for people to turn on the a/c for air circulation. For that, Piekarz says to try to use just the fan setting on those units.

Also, make sure caulking around windows and doors are in good shape. 

"Look around your doors make sure the weather stripping is taken care of and really just seal up the house. While that's an energy efficiency measure as well, it'll prevent some of that from coming inside."

Finally, proactive is always better than reactive. Make sure you inspect and service your a/c units regularly. 

"It's kinda like a car, you don’t maintenance it, you’re going to get bad gas mileage at a certain point."