Brother owner Dennis Hof is Nye County officials of conflicts of interest in revoking his license to operate his best-known brothel northwest of Las Vegas.

Hof filed a federal lawsuit Aug. 10 in Las Vegas alleging that two county commissioners should have abstained from voting to close Hof's business because they're defendants in other Hof lawsuits.

Hof attorney Marc Randazza says Hof's process rights were violated.

Hof, a Republican, has alleged county officials have tried to thwart his run for Assembly.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reports it's Hof's fourth lawsuit against Nye County and officials in less than a year.

County officials say Hof failed to renew his license and pay required fees for his Love Ranch brothel in Pahrump.

Previously Commissioner Lorina Wichman told the Las Vegas Review-Journal, "If people aren’t following the rules and the laws that everyone else is following, it causes problems. We cannot hold our other brothels at one standard and then allow him to slide on all these things.”

Hof failed to complete paperwork last year as well, but the county let him slide.

Nye County Sheriff Sharon Wehrly went to the Love Ranch to give the order to close, but the manager refused to comply.

Wichman said the Love Ranch has operated in violation of county rules, including illegal signs and not ensuring trailers on the property were inspected after renovations.

Hof denied making any changes to the trailers.

He must file for a new brothel application to overturn the decision. 

The motion was to withhold a renewal and the vote was three in favor, two opposed and one abstaining. 

(The Las Vegas Review-Journal contributed to this report).