The roadways across northern Nevada will  be louder, and more vibrant this week as Hot August Night kicks off Monday.

Ray Camacho has been coming for nearly 30 years, and says he actually didn't want to go the first time, but a friend convinced him. He's been back every year since.

"All of Reno [and] Sparks are into it," Camacho says. "And it's just a beautiful thing."

There are always new cars coming to the area, but Ray's car this year is truly unique. It's a Chevrolet Corvette Nomad. He says Chevy made it as a prototype and it never made it to production, but he made his own.

"We started with about two feet of the frame of a '55 Nomad," Camacho says. "And everything else on the bottom is like a '54 Corvette. So imagine a '54 Corvette, make it longer a little bit for a back seat, and put a Nomad top on it."

Another unique car is Teresa Aquila's 1927 Willy's Knight Convertible Cabriole.

"It's actually been in storage here in Reno for 53 years," Aquila says. "When we registered it with the Willie's registry back in Maine, we found out she's a sole survivor. She's the only left of her year, make and model."

This event, with its beautiful cars, keeps bringing people back to northern Nevada. For people like Camacho who have spent so much time here, it's that people that touch his heart.

"Naturally all of us here are in to cars," Camacho says. "And we have a group of approximately 18 of us or so have been coming for quite a while, and to us basically the cars have become a little bit secondary, and our friendships have become primary."