Hey, its Pieper the 2 News Hound here again with another blog post for you.

I have several different activities to report on this week.  Definitely some new experiences that changed my life.   The first activity I want to tell you about was our trip back to the Truckee River.  There is no better taste than natural spring water.  Humans have bottled water, and we have rivers. puddles, and hoses.  As I was enjoying a long drink as I often do, I started to feel something weird go into my mouth. Pleh! I spat it out, and realized it was just a leaf! Why do leaves have to be so sneaky…

My next activity up for discussion was our hike through Verdi with my buddy Sage.  Humans are fun but it’s always nice to get to see my doggie friends. We were walking along minding our own business when all of a sudden, a giant beast my human called a deer came way too close for comfort.   He’s sure lucky I was there to scare it away.   As we continued walking I saw the biggest stick I have ever seen in my entire life. Dad must have read my mind because as soon as I got close to the stick he said that I couldn’t do it. He must have forgotten about my puppy strength.  I got the stick and brought it over, but apparently it was too big for him to handle because he wouldn’t throw it.

After a long day of exploring, we got back in the car and headed to our next adventure.  When the car began to slow I looked out the window, and someone was handing out treats from their window into our window. Oh boy! What a great day, hopefully they got something to share.  They opened one of the containers to reveal a white, foamy substance and offered it to me. I took one lick and fell in love.  They called this stuff whipped cream, but they could have called it fried dirt and it would still taste like angels singing on top of fluffy, white clouds. We should come here more often. The whipped cream is to die for!

Unfortunately, not all news is good news.  I had to go to work and work on a few stories.  For some reason time just begins to stand still when we get to work.  I get bored super easy, but I try to help any way that I can.  I just want to play, why doesn’t anyone at work want to play?

Aren’t I cute still?

Just then Auntie Andi came to the rescue. Thank goodness, I was starting to worry that my puppy charm was starting to wear off.  I’m such a good girl I got lots of loves and treats.

A full belly always makes me sleepy. Five feet is entirely too far to walk to go to my bed, so I am just going to curl up right here and take a nap. This has been my week as Pieper 2 News Hound, Goodnight.