The start of the new Washoe county school year begins on August 6th, which means now's the time to go back-to-school shopping.

With the recent opening of the SouthEast Connector, there's now a new route for shoppers to hop between local malls, in addition to the highway.

Channel 2 wanted to know, what route would save parents some time, so we conducted a time trial.

We start our timer at the Outlets at Legends and we take the SouthEast Connector. The five and a half mile stretch of road drops us off in south Reno. We make our way onto the I-580, and exit South Virginia for the Summit Mall. We stop the clock at just over a 19 minute drive.

After some back to school shopping is done at Summit, it's back to Legends we go. Only this time, we start the clock and take the highway. From I-580 all way to I-80 the roads are clear and the traffic is minimal. Not even the stoplight at the Sparks exit can slow us down. We arrive at Legends with a time of 16:32, making that route quicker than the SouthEast connector by two and a half minutes

No matter which route you take, the Meadowood Mall is also an option to do your back-to-school shopping. On Saturday, August 4th, Meadowood is hosting an expo with the Washoe County School District to teach parents more about new school procedures.