A poll by Suffolk University and the Reno Gazette-Journal shows that Nevada's two biggest races are in a dead heat. With less than 100 days until the midterm election, the poll shows voters give the slight edge to republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Laxalt, with 41.6 percent compared to democratic candidate Steve Sisolak, with 41 percent. 2.4 percent say they would vote for Independent Ryan Bundy, 2 percent favor Independent American Russell Best and 1.4 percent favor Libertarian Jared Lord. 7.4 percent say they are still undecided and 4.2 percent say they will not vote for any of the candidates.

In the race for U.S. Senate, republican incumbent Dean Heller holds a narrow lead over democratic candidate Jacky Rosen. 41 percent say they favor Heller compared to 40 percent for Jacky Rosen. Others included Independent American candidate Kamau Baktari, 0.6 percent, Libertarian Tim Hagan, 2.4 percent, and Independent Barry Michaels, 1.6 percent. 8.6 say they are undecided and 5.4 percent say they will not vote for any candidates.

The poll included 500 people from northern, southern and rural Nevada. They included 189 democrats, 174 republicans, 102 Independent/Nonpartisan, and 35 are something else or undecided.

The polls show that undecided and nonpartisan voters could be the difference in the election. According the the Secretary of State's Office, Nevada has 1,468,671 active voters. They include 567,767 democrats, 492,190 republicans, 95,293 third party voters and 313,421 nonpartisans.