Placer County Sheriff's Office reports five people were arrested for burglarizing a North Lake Tahoe home twice last week.

37-year-old Erica Travillion, 42-year-old Roger Travillion, 45-year-old Christopher Strickland, 46-year-old Brian Zendian and 38-year-old Jonathan Scott all face charges for breaking into a home on Sacramento Avenue in Homewood.

On July 24, authorities responded to a reported burglary at the residence. The thieves had stolen items from inside and a Mercedes Benz from the garage.

On July 29, police responded to the same residence when a citizen observed two men and a woman drive slowly through the neighborhood, parked in the driveway and forced open the back door of the home. When deputies arrived, they found the front garage door opened and Erica Travillion walking out carrying stolen items. Roger Travillion was behind her with a flat screen TV. The woman complied with police but the man retreated back into the garage and shut the door. He surrendered shortly afterward.

Strickland was found at the back of the residence hiding in some bushes and was arrested.

The investigation led police to a South Lake Tahoe home where they located the stolen Mercedes Benz. Zendian and Scott were arrested there for the first burglary.

All suspects are being held at Placer County Jail.

(Placer County Sheriff's Office contributed to this report).