Oh, Hi! I see you have come back to see Pieper the 2 News Hound to hear this week’s special update. I got to go to a beautiful new place they call Lake Tahoe. I got to practice strutting my stuff along the beach on my pretty leash getting lots of attention from everyone we saw. After all, to be a top dog reporter, you need to be up to date on all the scoop.  Last week I told you about my adventure to the Truckee River. I love to splash in the water, but this was a whole different kind of water.  It looked like the largest water dish ever created, so decided to drink to my heart’s content. After a good healthy drink, I decided that I wanted to play in the water, but I was nervous. I went towards the shore and big wave of water chased me up the beach. As the water went away I decided to try again, but this time I was determined to get my feet wet. When the water came back I decided to stand my ground, and the water rushed around my feet giving me sweet relief on this hot summer day.  Wearing a fur coat year-round definitely has its disadvantages.

            Since it felt so good on my toes, I decided I wanted to go all the way in. This water was much deeper than the Truckee River, and I felt this irresistible urge to swim.  Something in me just kept saying, “Get in the water and kick your legs.”  I thought I would give it a try since it was so hot, but my owners seemed a little anxious and didn’t let me go as deep as I wanted. They made me stay on the leash.  Even though I didn’t get go as far into this Lake Tahoe as I wanted to, it was still a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

After a little while of hanging on the beach with my people gathering forgotten pine cones, things took a turn for the best.  My favorite game in the whole wide world is, yes you guessed it, fetch.  This time we played a new kind of fetch; stick fetch.  It’s basically my new favorite hobby.  They took the leash off me and let me run free.  They were throwing it as religiously as a pitching machine, and letting me run full throttle into the water to dive for it.  I may not have had Olympic form, but I had fun and I’ve hear humans say that’s all that matters.


We played until I couldn’t play anymore. I was exhausted and I passed out immediately. I bet I could have fallen asleep just about anywhere. I’m Pieper the 2 News Hound, and this was my day at Lake Tahoe.