Dominic Pieranunzio has played guitar since childhood, but more than a decade ago, another instrument caught his attention. Now, he is devoted to playing and building – ukuleles.

He invited us to his Spanish Springs home and strummed a familiar song for us…

"Here Comes the Sun, by the Beatles " Dominic says as she continues playing.

Pieranunzio loves performing, but he's especially fond of playing the ukulele - because he says, the uke is a HAPPY instrument; "Everybody that comes to our shows is like, they've all got this big grin on their face. It's hard to be down when you're listening to ukulele music.”

The little good-will ambassadors (different variations of the instrument) can be found all over his home, which Dominic shares with his wife Joanne and the music, of course.

Pieranunzio is a bit of a perfectionist. But, that trait comes in handy when he's focused on his other passion - hand crafting custom ukuleles.  His entire garage has been converted into a wood shop.

 In addition to being a musician, Dominic is a luthier.

"A luthier builds musical instruments, stringed musical instruments,” he explains.

Dominic got his start building fine furniture - his home is full of his handiwork - but creating musical instruments came later; “I kinda had the blinders on, I thought it was way too complicated, so I never thought about it. Until, after going to Hawaii and just falling in love with the instrument”

Last year Pieranunzio built 10 ukuleles - in various sizes. Over the past 14 years, he's perfected his craft, but the customized works do take a bit of time;

“Yep, four to six months; I put a lot of love into each one".

Prices for one of Dominic's hand crafted ukes start at $1,000, but his performances are usually free.

The next two shows are on Sunday, July 29th . 

Liberty Food & Wine Exchange
(775) 336-1091

5:00pm - Fin & Filet Luau Party

Fin & Filet
(775) 686-6969

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