Hello 2 News Hound fans, Pieper here with another week of fun!

Piper the News Hound at work.

Dad had to work a ton this week he said it was “too hot out for me to come along. Too hot? Now how am I going to be a news hound at home?  No camera’s, no humans gushing over me, I was born to be a star!   I must find a way to make news.

Ah ha someone forgot to make sure my toys and stuffed animals are out for me to play with, I will make sure he knows never to do it again with the mess I leave for him. Hey, maybe my mess can earn me a spot on the dog shaming website.   At least I’ll be seen.   Lucky for Dad I know to do my business outside!

Piepers Mess

Well, I may not have earned my spot in the dog shaming hall of fame, but Dad did feel bad about leaving me home.   Dad says tomorrow I get go to the office and be a real news hound!  I think the words and kisses of encouragement really paid off this time.

Ah, on the road sniffing out stories, this is the stuff I love.  I don't even mind being on a short leash during car rides because everyone knows how klutzy I am and would totally fall out.

The life a real news hound.  Sfaty means a short leash

But as always, after a good story (and making sure dad doesn't bury the lead) I let the professionals take over and get a well-deserved pup nap.

Thanks for reading, Pieper

Pieper is a tired news hound