In a letter sent on July 2nd, a Greyhound attorney threatens to sue both the Regional Transportation Commission and the City of Reno.

In the letter, Greyhound's attorney says because their terminal's lease ends this year, and because numerous plans to relocate with the City and RTC have fallen through, they have no choice but to take legal action.

RTC said in a statement that the "severe tone and approach" of the letter came as a surprise to them.

Back in June, we told you that Greyhound was continuing to seek relocation to the Reno Amtrak station. The Greyhound station building on Stevenson Street was sold in March.

At the June city council meeting, council members unanimously voted to do more research about a possible move to Amtrak, no final decision has been made.

Some concerns of the council included issues of traffic, pedestrian safety and the historical value of the site.

Following the decision, Greyhound told Channel 2 they're very hopeful that the city's research will end in a positive outcome, especially since they've been able to co-locate with Amtrak in other dense areas of the country.

RTC’'s 4th Street Station is another possible option that Greyhound has looked to relocate to several for years.

In regards to the letter from Greyhounds attorney, RTC went on to say, “We’re reviewing the contents of the letter and determining how to proceed in compliance with requirements and guidance from the Federal Transit Administration."

A Greyhound communication specialist said in a separate statement, "We will continue to make every effort to successfully resolve the issues with the local authorities and any possible legal action will depend on the outcome of such discussions."

Greyhound representatives contacted RTC on Friday and will be calling them next week to set up a meeting.

You can find the full letter sent to the RTC and the City of Reno below.