With the chance of lightning storms later on this week, Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District is gearing up for the high fire dangers.

With little to no rain in combination with lightning and then with our dry conditions, there is a good chance for wildfires in this upcoming storm. That's why TMFPD is already getting their lightning plan in place. "We have a volunteer force that we page out and have them staff as the storm comes in," explains TMFPD Chief Charles Moore. 

Multiple engines will be out watching the lightning and waiting for calls of smoke in the area. The fire department says they can have at least a dozen fires going at one time during lightning storms and they need to make sure they have enough individuals out to get control of those fires. Plus, with the high winds associated with lightning storms fire crews are asking everyone to be prepared. "No moisture with the lightning bolt and we get winds with that thunderstorm so we can see lots of fire starts," says Chief Moore.

TMFPD says during these storms it is best to stay inside and enjoy the lightning show from afar, but if you see a lightning strike, watch it for a few seconds and call 911 immediately if you see smoke. You also want to be aware of lightning strikes in your neighborhood, "If lighting strikes a home you want to call 911 and don't delay 'cause lightning can get into your copper of your electrical system." This can cause the electricity to come out any where it finds an opening, such as a power outlet or a shower head. 

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