Blood drives are usually the busiest time and when blood donation centers have the most supply, but during the summer they tend to see a decrease in supply, but an increase in demand.

"We tend to see an increase in usage because people are driving around and there are more accidents," says Nicole Jo with the United Blood Services. They tend to see a decrease in supply since people are leaving to go on vacation or are not in town. But supply seems to go up during tragic events, such as back in October after the Las Vegas shooting.

United Blood Service says while it is nice people come out during blood drives or after a shooting, they say they need to constantly keep their supply up, "That gives us the ability to respond to those emergencies. And when we don't have that strong blood supply, it really leaves us scrambling and it puts patients are risk," says Jo. 

By having a supply ready they are able to help in emergencies, such as Hillary Ray, a local mother who received a blood transfusion a few years back, "I had a pregnancy complication called placenta accreta and during the delivery I had a lot of blood loss about half of my blood mass," explains Ray.

 She gave blood on a regular basis before her life saving blood transfusion but now it means so much more, "I didn't have a real personal connection to blood donations I did it because it was a good example for my students and it was the right thing to do," says Ray, "now it is more of a focus of repaying my debts and paying it forward."

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