Round Hill Pines Resort Beach Resort has been around since Nevada became a state in 1864. It has gone through a lot of changes since then, including over the past year. The resort has a new 32-hundred square-foot Food and Beverage Pavilion. It includes a new kitchen, patio, offices, bathrooms, storage and a snack shack.

"We're really paid a lot of attention to detail," Vanessa Santora, Resort Marketing Director said. "We made sure that we had ADA walkways, we made sure that we had a beautiful deck with lots of seating and lots of shade. It's been a labor of love."

The new kitchen provides a larger space for the chef to cook up the Caribbean-style menu.

"We didn't have a big kitchen before," Santora said. "We had a very small, in fact, for those of you who know us, we had a bit of a food truck, basically, that we were working out of, so we were limited on what we could do. Now we have a full menu. We have lots of starters, we're doing hand-made pizzas, we have lots of salads, lots of sandwiches, tacos."

Construction began last fall and the new buildings opened in June. It also has a new parking lot, docks, paths and beach bar. The old bar was not connected to electricity or water but the new one is fully connected. Customers can sit at the bar and order the resort's signature drink, called the Pain Killer, which is a rum drink with pineapple, coconut, orange juice, garnished with nutmeg.

"Our beach bar is one of our flagship things of the property because with your toes in the sand and having food delivered to you right on the beach, I mean it doesn't get any easier than that," Santora said.

The resort also has a new parking lot and bathrooms and it still has a lot of the same activities as it did before.

"Absolutely, from day rentals for paddleboards and paddleboats and kayaks to jet skis for people that like to have something a little faster, or just relaxing on the beach, reading a book and enjoying a Pain Killer," Mark Shiflet, Resort Managing Director.

Shiflet expects a lot more boat traffic because of the upgrades. People can get to and from the resort via water taxis, and Chariot started a 90-day pilot program, Monday, offering shuttle service to the resort. The newest cruise vessel is also stationed at Round Hill Pines. Tahoe Serenity is a 63-foot Skipperliner Yacht.

"We're going out three times a day," Santora said. "We do two cruises to Emerald Bay and then we do a Happy Hour Cruise. That's been really exciting for people."

Santora says the new buildings fit in with the property, saying it is not too fancy but is much nicer and more modern than the old buildings. Beach-goers say they like the changes.

"This is a huge improvement," Debbie Corona, Gardnerville resident said. "It's beautiful. I mean, it was really nice before but I think the improvement is really going to serve them well."

The beach also has picnic tents with barbecue grills and nearby volleyball nets. Santora says keeping the family-oriented atmosphere was a big part of the planning.

"We want people to feel safe, we want places to be clean, we want to be able to offer a product that's affordable and enjoyable for all," Santora said.