The League to Save Lake Tahoe or better known as 'Keep Tahoe Blue' organization is holding a beach clean up the day after the 4th of July celebrations. 

This year, the group brought in 499 volunteers to the shore and removed 1,458 pounds of litter.

Among the trash they collected, they removed 8,061 cigarette butts and 18,235 pieces of plastic.

The organization holds cleanups throughout the year but this is the busiest one for them because of all the trash they find once the celebration is over. "We find so many interesting things, people leave behind clothes, blankets, chairs but mostly it is plastic and cigarette butts," explains CEO of The League to Save Lake Tahoe, Darcie Collins. 

Last year the group collected more that 1,600 pounds of trash, from flip flops to plastic bottles; the list of things they found can go on and on. 

Between 2015 and 2017, the group reports that 5,000 pieces of disposable expanded polystyrene products were removed, along with 4,500 plastic straws and utensils.

The group is not just here to clean up yesterday's mess, they are here to hopefully clean up future messes. The group collects data of everything they picked up, that way they can show what people are bringing in and not bringing out, such as Styrofoam, "The City of South Lake Tahoe took leadership role earlier this year and banned Styrofoam and we were able to do that because we showed them the data from the beach cleanups," says Collins. 

The five beaches they focused on are Commons Beach in Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Kiva Beach, Nevada Beach and Regan Beach.

For more information on Keep Tahoe Blue and to sign up for the next clean up visit: