Monday is World UFO day, a holiday that encourages people to look up to the skies for unidentified flying objects.

Mark Easter, the former State Director and former Director of Public Relations for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), says now’s a great time for people to open their eyes about the possibility of UFOs.

Easter showed Channel 2 News a picture that he took in Reno back in 2001 of what he believes were three UFOs.

“There were these three objects and they look like to me, to give a visual explanation of what I personally think they look like,” said Easter. “I still cannot explain it, I tried to.”

MUFON is a voluntary organization of people dedicating their time to furthering UFO research. Easter describes their field investigators as the "boots on the ground," of finding discoveries and answers.

“What we try to do, in a forensic way is try to understand what is the power and flight characteristics of these,” said Easter.

With today's technology it's becoming more common for people to video record their encounters of unfamiliar activity in the sky. Something that Easter says tends to happen more in the southern half of Nevada, rather than up in the north.

“They show up at places like military bases and nuclear facilities,” said Easter.

No matter where UFO sightings are taking place, Easter hopes World UFO Day will bring an even stronger interest to the unknown.

“It gives a chance for people to think about it, it's just one day but to be able to take a chance, look up in the sky, you might see something,” said Easter.

If you believe you've seen a UFO, MUFON wants to know about it.

You can fill out a sighting report here

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