A school resource officer from Maryland's Baltimore County Police Department rescued a child from Lake Tahoe at Sand Harbor on Wednesday.

Officer Roy Mitchell, Jr. was visiting the park during a break form the National Association of School Resource Officers' (NASRO) School Safety Conference in Reno.

Mitchell said he and two others were standing at the shore that afternoon when he noticed "something unusual" in the water about 10 feet off shore. He determined it was a hand and jumped into action.

Mitchell said he went into the water and lifted a motionless female child from the lake. She was approximately two to three years old. He yelled for help and was met by the child's father, who took the child to her family nearby on the beach.

Mitchell contacted the nearest lifeguard to assess the child. After 10 minutes, no other emergency response was involved.

(Jani Spede Public Relations and NARSO contributed to this report).