The Northern Nevada International Center is asking for the community's help in finding permanent homes for three refugee families.  Some are living in hotels, and others in temporary housing that's not necessarily ideal.

The International Center says the lack of affordable options in our area only makes it more difficult to find them somewhere to call home.  Carina Black, Executive Director says, "They have fled a terrible situation."

Including refugees like Ramazani Mwenebatu, his wife and five children, who fled violence in the Congo.  Mwenebatu says, "There are groups of bandits who are killing people, that's why we fled the war." 

Unfortunately, the NNIC was recently faced with a tough situation. There were about 30 refugees looking for shelter, just within the last two months. To put that in perspective, that's as many as they housed, in all of 2017.

Right now, there is one family of seven and one family of four living inside temporary housing. One of those homes has burst pipes. Another family of seven is living in a one bedroom hotel. 

Black says, "It's really hard on them to be in a situation of continuing to not know." A secure roof over their heads is the first step to a stable life, so they can focus on finding jobs and providing for themselves.  Mwenebatu, who says he is eager to find work, adds, "Now, I'd like to get my permanent place, because then I'll be fine."

The NNIC, who typically works with faith groups, property managers and community organizations to make it happen, is hoping someone might step forward to help out. 

In the meantime, Mwenebatu says he's looking forward to finally placing his family in a secure environment, in his new country, "People are living freely and life in America is good."

Black says they are looking for private homeowners, property managers and anyone who is able to provide temporary or permanent housing to these refugees, to contact them. 

You can visit the NNIC website here, or contact Carina Black directly at her email address:

You can also call the center at: (775) 784-7515