He's got spurs that jingle jangle jingle ... and much like the old western song with those lyrics, Mike Torvinen loves riding horseback. "The best part of that is going out helping people on ranches gather cows and being a cowboy."

Mike says, the highlight of the year is, hands down, being a cowboy at the Reno Rodeo.

"During the grand entry, where I get to go in the arena, and ride fast, and make a circle - and seeing the crowd cheer and get excited that the rodeo is starting.” Mike’s eyes light up, just recalling it.

The start of the 100th Reno Rodeo won't be for another year, but the Rodeo Association - with Mike Torvinen at the helm - began planning for the landmark event last year.

"... to brain storm on some events that will make it special, that will make everybody understand what it means to be an organization that's a hundred years old, that's pretty rare,” Torvinan tells us.

General Manager for the Rodeo Association, George Combs says he and Torvinen enjoy a great working relationship; "He’s just really fun, he's got a lot of personality, just great family and a great - he's got a huge passion for Reno Rodeo."

As a matter of fact, Mike has been working hard as a volunteer for 12 years and says it is now a vital part of his life and that the community support compels him to always do more; “Here I am, it's kinda luck, timing - and, here I am, president for the 100 year celebration. I'm very honored.”

"It takes a long time to get to the point to be president,” says Combs. “You have to put in your years of service and volunteer time.”

And Mike wouldn't have it any other way, the only thing he loves as much as the rodeo itself is the flocks of fans who come out to enjoy it.

"You guys fill our hearts when you come out and cheer and we enjoy doing this - and we intend to do this for another hundred years.”

Mike says one thing to look out for this year is the continuation of the *100 Years 100 Stories* project which includes taped and live story telling events.

If you would like to participate – Record your story and leave contact info on the dedicated story telling hotline at 775-525-1088 (Producer/Filmmaker is Jessi LeMay)

The NEXT event is -

“The Folk & The Lore: Stories From Rural Nevada”

Saturday July 28, 2018 / 6 – 8:30 pm

Doors open at 5pm for social hour and Chez Louie cash bar. Stories begin at 6pm.

$12 General / $8 Museum members