For many fitness trainers, it's all about the blood, sweat and tears but local gym owner Jevon Rowden says he would rather see the members he works with - get stronger from the inside out.

We caught up with Rowden on the mats at “I Love Kickboxing” in Reno. With a headset/microphone on, his energy is through the roof as he leads the morning class…

"You got it! Come on! Good! Don't stop, don't quit, don’t stop!"

You'll hear these words a lot from Jevon Rowden during grueling conditioning sessions at the kickboxing gym, but don't let the loud music fool you - this instructor is peacefully centered;

“For one hour I get to be the light, I get to remind them about their strength, I get to remind them about their mental strength and that this is not just a workout,” says a smiling Rowden.

Loyal member Shannon Anderson says Jevon changed her life; "When he sees you have goals and he sees you working hard for them, they become his goals. He pushes people. He's see things in you that you don't see in yourself."

What you don't see by looking at Jevon now, is his almost ten years of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Recovery began three years ago with the help of a housing and rehab program in Reno called Crossroads.

"I walked into Crossroads with nothing but a garbage bag full of some personal belongings, a couple of a books and a journal," Jevon remembers.

Gym co-owner Russ Ruiz remembers the day he hired Jevon at I Love Kickboxing; "At that point in time, he actually wasn't driving. He was taking the bus to work."

Work very quickly became his passion - and his salvation. Here in this kick boxing studio, Jevon says he felt safe, secure and strong.

"Fast forward to this; I have a home, I have a business, I have an amazing community around me."

Jevon Rowden now co-owns “I Love Kickboxing” on Double R Blvd in Reno and is all about helping others. Anderson says when she walked through the doors of this gym two years ago, she was broken.

"He made me believe in me, when I didn't believe in myself, he made me believe in myself,” says Shannon, her voice trembling with emotion.

Ruiz says he and Rowden have grown close over the last three years; "He really has an appreciation for things that most of us take for granted.”

"Getting clear, through recovery, it like, opened up the flood gates to me stepping into who I was meant to be,” says Rowden. “So, I think that there were so many gifts that I was given - that that's what I get to give back.”

Next, Jevon is giving back to Crossroads - the recovery center that helped him - by creating a physical activity and mindfulness program for residents there.

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