This year, Reno is one of only 14 cities selected to host a Navy Week. The week, which started Monday, gets Navy members out into the community and gives residents a chance to learn more about the Navy and what they do. 

Approximately 21,000 seniors use Washoe County's senior services each year. That means about 400,000 meals served--especially useful for those on fixed incomes. 

"We try to make it at least once or twice a week,” says Judy Peck.

"I don't have to make lunch or soup at home so I come here.”

Usually it's the familiar faces of staff and volunteers serving up their meals. But Monday was unique. Members of the Navy came to lend a helping hand. 

"Help serve food to our seniors, bus tables, wash dishes,” says Chris Ciarlo, Washoe County Human Service Agency.

"It's really, really good that the military, the Navy is here helping us too,” says Ralph Lemus, Washoe County Senior Center.

"We try to interact with the community, show them what we do, learn from them."

Peck adds, "they're supporting us and we're supporting them all the time."

Navy members like Carlos Duque - who hails from Santa Ana, California, but is stationed locally. He says he's glad he's already been able to learn a thing or two about the community surrounding him. 

“It's a lot tighter of a community than where I'm from."

Seniors were grateful to see some new faces around - especially those of such high ranking. 

"It's community helping community and that is so important, too,” says Peck. 

This community engagement allows both civilians and Navy members to get to know one another... “Not just to do our particular missions but that we're here for the community at all times,” says Duque.

And each individual plate served is representative of the Navy's dedication to a life, of serving. 

"Folks here with the Navy not only protect our country but are willing to come here and connect with them,” says Ciarlo.

"Showing the people that we care and that we want to be there for them and let them know we're always here,” says Duque.

And simply put... 

"The Navy is the bomb!”

Navy Week continues Monday night at the Reno Aces game where a Navy vocalist will be singing the National Anthem and sailors from U.S.S. Constitution serve as the color guard.