The BBQ Blues and Brews Festival is in downtown Reno this weekend, closing much of North Virginia Street. The Reno Rodeo is in full swing on Wells Avenue, and graduations are still going on at the University of Nevada, Reno. Thus, north Reno is a zoo.

With all these closures comes heavy traffic, and frustrated drivers. Local law enforcement is ready for the increased traffic.

"We're partnering with [the Reno Police Department, with the Sheriff's Office, to make sure we've got maximum enforcement in those areas that are going to see a lot more traffic than they normally do," Nevada Highway Patrol Trooper Matt McLaughlin says.

There's a couple main points law enforcement wants to drive home. One is obvious, pay attention! They say there's no reason that justifies taking your eyes off the road.

"If you need to use your phone to find directions have a passenger with you," Trooper McLaughlin says. "Let that person be the navigator."

The second major point, drive slow! The pedestrian traffic is so heavy, not to mention there will likely be intoxicated pedestrians during the festival or the rodeo. Reno Police Officer Travis Warren says whenever you're near a closure, it's important to watch your speed, especially if there are a lot of cars around.

"By going slow it just enables everyone to see those signs and navigate around them," Officer Warren says.

Road rage is seen by law enforcement daily in the Truckee Meadows, and large events with closures have a tendency to get drivers heated. The best thing to do to avoid an accident is leave early, and create a plan of the route you're going to take, so you don't get caught in an awkward place.

"We understand people get busy they may feel rushed," Officer Warren says. "But those are the instances when accidents occur."

"Don't wait until you get there and then stop in the middle of an intersection and try to figure out a plan," Trooper McLaughlin says. "That's how we see a lot of these crashes day after day when we have these types of special events."