The Reno Rodeo is back in town.

"It's the biggest rodeo in Nevada and maybe the best rodeo in the west," said Lee Wilhelm, a longtime rodeo fan.  "It's a good time, it's Reno, it's old school that's still managed to survive.  We lost the state fair but we still have the rodeo, the cattle drive, it's just cool."

For some, it brings back childhood memories.

"I remember the funnel cakes," said Austin Sprinkle of Reno, back for the rodeo for the first time in years.

Others are taking it all in for the first time.

"It's one of the biggest and richest rodeos and we wanted to come," said Marvin Henkes, a vendor who drove in from Texas.  "My wife sells clothes and we thought it would be a good place for us to be. It was a long drive -  it took three days.  I teach school and we left the day I got out of school and this is my summer vacation!"

It's an event 99 years in the making.

"We're one of the most popular events in Reno," said Reno Rodeo President Bill Summy.  "We have about 9,500 fans a night and last year we sold out nine of the ten nights.  This year we're on track to sell out every night."

The competition draws some of the best riders in the world.

"My favorite part of Rodeo week is whenever I look out at fans and see them clapping and hooting and hollering and really enjoying a family event," Summy said.
And there's much more to the rodeo than the competition.

"It's very inexpensive to come and it's a full night,  get your kids into it," Wilhelm said.   "If you don't have any rodeo gear go to a thrift shop or wait till you get down here; there's all kinds of places you can buy hats and belts and everything else, you can gear up.  They also have the carnival in conjunction and it's just a good time all the way around."

It's ten days of family-friendly fun.

"The people are friendly; I thought Texas had the friendliest people but Nevada's right up there!" Henkes said.

And it's just begun.

"It's Reno Rodeo week -  come out and have some fun!" Summy said.