Campaign advertisements both for and against the energy choice ballot measure have hit the airwaves in Nevada. You may have seen some of the ads on the issue earlier in the year, but more money is pouring in after this week's primary.

The Coalition to Defeat Question 3 and The Nevadans for Affordable, Clean Energy Choices have set foot to the campaign trail, each with 30 second T.V. ads of their own.

"I think there are a lot of risks and costs associated with this that we want to make sure Nevadans know about,” said Peter Koltak, campaign manager for NO on 3.

“There’s dozens of providers that are waiting to come in to Nevada to compete for business if energy choice passes,” said Bradley Mayer, spokesperson for YES on 3.

The YES on 3 television ad shows people choosing to “break-up” with NV Energy, which is the states only energy provider.

Mayer says that by creating a competitive market with more options, rates would go down and renewable energy choices would go up.

“Rooftop solar is robust now again after it's been restored by the legislature and consumers are going to drive this market,” said Mayer.

But Koltak says the ballot measure is risky and costly.

“If Question 3 passes, this will be locked into the state constitution,” said Koltak. “If things go wrong, it's going to make it almost impossible to repeal."

In the Coalition to Defeat Question 3 advertisement, the group points to California’s attempt to deregulate electricity, saying the change not only cost consumers money but it also led to blackouts.

“We don't want Nevadans to make that mistake because we don't think they can afford to have that type of electricity disaster hit their pocket books,” said Koltak.

But Mayer says the two neighboring states operate too differently to draw those types of comparisons.

“California doesn't have energy choice like Nevada is proposing to have, so I don't think there's any concern,” said Mayer.

Both sides say there will be plenty more campaigning and television ads in the coming months to help Nevadans make their choice ahead of November’s general election.