Lafayette Webb worked for more than a decade in the mental health unit at the Washoe County Sheriff's Office and says that experience helps him understand the unique challenges faced by some of the students under his care.

We met up with him at Reno High School, where he’s been the campus police officer for a decade; "I'm very fortunate and blessed to have been here the ten years I've been here," Webb smiles at us.

And ten years’ worth of pictures cover the walls of the Reno High School office Lafayette Webb proudly calls home five days a week. "If they play sports or they're in band, orchestra or 'We the People,' you watch them develop and grow as young adults."

So, when the students decide what university to attend, Officer Webb suits up in his or her college colors. He also shows up for their milestone moments, like graduations and weddings.

"All around, he's just an amazing person." RHS Junior Mason Betterton tells us. 

"He's a really cool person, the school loves him," says RHS Senior, Alejandro De La Torre.

"Officer Webb's the best. So, yeah!" smiles RHS Senior Luis Ramirez Torres.

Lafayette Webb was born and raised in northern Nevada, and after 12 years of working as a Sheriff's Deputy, he felt a call to use his skills in an educational setting.

"In elementary school I was the only black kid,” remembers Webb. “And I just know that teachers and faculty took me under their wing and protected me. Not that I had any issues, but they just made sure I was comfortable."

So officer Webb works hard - through action and word - to make sure the students at Reno High are comfortable ...and safe.

"...Appreciate the things he does for us as a school and as a community, knowing all the shootings going around and knowing that he's there to protect us," Torres says.

Betterton says he’s known Webb since he was younger and would visit siblings on campus; "He always looks out for everybody. He's not tryin' to bring anybody down he's always trying to lift you up."

Principal Kris Hackbush appreciates the time Officer Webb takes to listen to the students, acting almost like a counselor; "He doesn't jump to conclusions or assumptions and the students really appreciate that."

Webb says he loves what he does; "This is home, blue and red, husky for life. I have great respect for people who have come through this school - and I wanna leave behind that legacy as I prepare to retire."

Don't panic just yet, Huskies - Officer Webb assures us that retirement is still a few years away.