The Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District has a new fire station.  Crews started responding from Station 14 on Foothill Road on Monday afternoon.  

The station replaces the old one near the Damonte Walmart - a station that was three decades old and prone to flooding.  When it was first built, it was on county land, but it ended up on city land due to growth and annexation.

"This is a much better location," said Chief Charles Moore.  "It's in the middle of our district; we're close to our Holcomb Ranch district, we can go up and down South Virginia Street and we can get out to the interstate and support other calls, so its ideally situated."

The $5.4 million station is 10,000 square feet and four firefighters will be on duty.  The district is responding to more calls these days - more than 10,000 this year, compared with 7,500 in 2012 -  so there's room to expand.

"It's important for firefighters to have a good base to operate from," Moore said.  "It's a lot more comfortable than the old station.  Firefighters depend on a modern station to do their jobs, and modern apparatus.  It's all about having the people and the equipment you need to be able to service your constituents."

It's a project three years in the making and the third new station for the district in the last six years.  There are more possibilities on the horizon.

"We're looking at Hidden Valley, we are going to open a station in the next five down along the I-80 corridor, and we're constantly looking at the facility master plan to see what needs to be added on and what needs to be moved," Moore said.  "So there's a lot in the works with respect to planning but nothing on architect's drawing board yet."

And the landscaping is a model of defensible space.

"We preach defensible space all the time so what we preach is what we practice so this is good desert landscaping with defensible space all around," Moore said.  We want to be the model for people when they design their homes; take a look at one of our new stations, it's exactly the way they should look."

The District is holding a community open house on Saturday, July 21st from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.  Everyone is welcome to check out the new addition to the community and meet the firefighters that will be working there.