The Douglas County Sheriff’s Office is issuing each Deputy Nasal Narcan or Naloxone. 

Each Deputy may administer Nasal Narcan to persons suffering from suspected or accidental opioid overdoses at the earliest possible time to minimize overdosing.

Due to the possibility of law enforcement officers, coming into accidental contact with opioids, specifically Fentanyls, whether by accidental inhalation or skin absorption it is important that deputies be aware of this possibility and be able to administer Nasal Narcan if available to counter act the effects of accidental exposure.

In addition to Nasal Narcan each deputy will be issued a Personal Protective Equipment, PPE, specific to Fentanyl exposure. Each kit contains a protective gown, face mask, gloves and booties.  

The Nasal Narcan and the PPE’s were obtained with the assistance of the Nevada Attorney General’s Office and the Quad County Public Health Preparedness Office.

(Douglas County Sheriff's Office contributed to this report.)