The Carson City Sheriff's Office reports that their Special Enforcement Team arrested two people on Monday for drug trafficking.

Carson City Sheriff, Ken Furlong, confirmed that Joel Rodriguez, 23, and Ruben Monrroy Pacheco, 30, were both taken into custody.

Rodriguez was arrested after a traffic stop for a moving violation. A Carson City Sheriff's K9 unit altered to their vehicle, which led to the discovery of marijuana and $3,600 in cash seized from the car.

They got a search warrant for an apartment in the 800 block of South Roop Street in Carson City, where 40 pounds of marijuana were found, along with 20 grams of cocaine, 11 tabs of Ecstasy, guns and about $24,000 were recovered. Pacheco was arrested at this time. The back door to the apartment was 29 feet away from a playground.

The investigation revealed that the two were using the apartment as a marijuana grow lab and were using fraudulent medical marijuana stickers on their products.

The two face charges of drug trafficking, sales and conspiracy.